Tools That Do Everything – The Top 5 Multi-Tools

The thing about multi-tools is that one is never enough. For that reason, we have located tools that provide not only a great working product but also won’t break the bank.


Surviving a Home Invasion

It’s 3:00 in the morning and you and your family are sound asleep. However, while happy dreams flit through your brains, a home invader with bad intentions is prowling around your yard. You are about to face one of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Are you sufficiently prepared to meet the challenge? In the United... Continue Reading →

Modern Survival and the Rule of Threes

You can survive: three minutes without air. three hours without shelter. three days without water. three weeks without food. How the Rule of Threes relates to Modern Survival


Surviving A Manchester-style Terrorist Event

The only positive outcome of terrorism is that we are able to identify what went wrong and find ways to survive it.


The Freeze Dried Food Guide

Once only the fare of soldiers and astronauts, there are many reasons to have a good supply of freeze dried food on hand.


Best Everyday Carry Knife

We are here to help you find that perfect everyday carry knife - the one that is always available but doesn’t weigh down your pockets (or your wallet).


What to do About Water – The Best Survival Water Filters

There are a lot of water filters on the market, and some of them make some pretty amazing claims. We’ve cut through all of the sales pitches and marketing promises to help you find the best survival water filters on the market today.


Light My Fire – The Best Fire Starters for Outdoor Fires

Fire is essential to life. In a survival situation, a fire provides a way to signal for help, purify drinking water, and ward off wild predators. Since not everyone can easily start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, it pays to have a little help on hand. But what kind of help works best for starting a fire? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you.


9 Easy Ways to Get Your Name on a Government Watch List

You might think that government watch lists are reserved for violent radical extremists. You might be wrong.


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