Five Tactical Flashlights for Everyday Use

Unless you're sleeping or... ahem... 'sleeping', being in the dark sucks. However, being in the dark and being unable to find the key you just dropped or unable to identify the shadow you saw duck into a dark alley really sucks. Don't let it happen to you.


Top 5 Air Rifles for the Modern Survival Junkie

We’ve cut through the sales pitches and marketing promises to help you find the best air rifles on the market today.  Here are our top 5 picks (plus a bonus just because).

14 Uncommon Uses for the Common Coffee Filter

The Common Coffee Filter is most commonly used to brew coffee. However, these lightweight, inexpensive are surprisingly versatile. Since multipurpose items can save the Modern Survival Junkie time, space, and money, this is definitely an item you want in your survival kit, bug out bag, or pantry stockpile, even if you aren’t a coffee drinker.


6 Tips for Buying Outdoor and Survival Gear on Ebay

How you can become an expert in stretching your outdoor survival budget and manage to get some of the coolest and most useful equipment out there on the market while doing it.


Recommended Reading for Survival

There is no clearer way to say it: if you are not reading, you are not preparing.


Vacation Security Tips – Keeping You and Your Stuff Safe

Like any other security situation, it is best to formulate a plan before arriving at the hotel and then refine that plan upon arrival.


Feminine Hygiene When the Shit Hits the Fan

What will women do about their periods in a shit-hits-the-fan situation? Can we survive without easy access to our favorite over-the-counter pads and tampons?


20 Uncommon Uses for the Common Emergency Blanket

There isn’t anything common about this lightweight, paper-thin, reflective Mylar sheet.


5 Tips for Warm Weather Tick Control

If you spend any amount of time in the woods during warm weather, you’re likely to pick up ticks, especially if you don’t take a few simple steps to help avoid these unwanted hitchhikers.


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